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Angi Covington Talks About Balancing and Optimizing Brain Patterns


Neuro EEG Brainwave Optimization®, Brain Training and HuConTech 7.0

Our mission is to help you find a more enjoyable experience of life. We offer two unique approaches to deal with a broad variety of challenges. The first is Brainwave Optimization®, a state of the art brain balancing technology. The second is a classroom style training program based on the world’s greatest teachings on ultimate happiness called Human Consciousness Technology 7.0™ or HuConTech 7.0. Whether you choose The Brain By Art of AttunementBrainwave Optimization®, HuConTech7.0 or both, we are confident that we can help you find true wellness with more peace, joy and happiness in your life. Call us today to find out how Brainwave Optimization® for neuro health, Brain Training, and Brain Retraining services might help you in dealing with life's challenges! 

Who We Serve
Individuals or an Organization’s employees who are dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fuzzy thinking, addictions, trauma related symptoms or a sense of hopelessness or confusion. Our EEG technology improves brain balance, wellness, and harmony, delivering results quickly and effectively. It is a more passive approach, requiring little action by the individual. In other words, the brain does the wellness work while you relax. HuConTech 7.0 offers similar results through a learning model and does require some action and or application by the participant in dealing with these wellness issues. Whether you, or your staff, are dealing Angi Covingtonwith destructive emotions, or simply want to think more clearly and positively to maximize peak performance, we are here to help.

Our Corporate Work
Unhappiness in life or in an organization directly impacts performance and the wellness of the bottom line. Happy people are better able to commit to goals and produce better results. For an organization, happiness is profitable. Happy employees produce more, offer better service to internal and external clients and are more loyal which reduces turnover. They miss fewer days of work and produce a better quality output therefore, improving the wellness of the bottom line.

What We Do
Combining teachings that span centuries and the latest advances in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, computer technology, mathematics and physics, Art of Attunement offers Happiness By Art of Attunementnew ways for people of all ages and conditions to overcome cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges and enhance overall performance and well-being.

Our Location
Art of Attunement is conveniently located off the 215 and Rainbow in the southwest area of fabulous Las Vegas, NV, with easy access to McCarran International Airport. We are mobile and available to serve organizations on site, throughout the world. Scheduling is completely flexible to meet client needs. Our services can be scheduled at your earliest convenience by calling 702.210.3383 or filling out the message form on our Contact Us page.


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