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                           7 Course Meal For The Soul

7 Course Meal For The Soul by Angi Covington

“I love this book. I’m on my 3rd time through it. It just keeps getting better and better and so do I!”
- Todd Alexander, Hampton Beach, NH

& Course Meal For The Soul

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Angi Covington

Angi Covington is an author & professional speaker, who has been a lifelong student of human behavior. She is a member of Mensa and a real go getter who’s been Angi Covingtonrecognized for her achievements in Corporate America. 

After receiving a consciousness raising energy she had a series of experiences which changed the course of her life. She left the corporate world,took a sabbatical and set out on a mission to find the key to Ultimate Happiness. She attended seminars, read books and took classes on topics ranging from the brain to spirituality. She even ended up in India where she spent 17 days meditating in silence.

Today, Angi owns Art of Attunement, a Las Vegas business that optimizes brain activity using a state of the art technology that helps clients find a more enjoyable experience of life. Art of Attunement’s Brainwave Technologists use amplified EEG sensors to monitor brain activity, identify imbalances and utilize a software program that enables the brain to balance itself. “I am completely fascinated by the process!” she says. Using this system in Las Vegas since 2008, it has helped people with sleep, anxiety, depression, focus, addictions, PTSD, clarity, physical or emotional trauma, such as grief, etc.

In her spare time she volunteers at Nevada prisons teaching a class based on her book titled 7 Course Meal for the Soul. Working with inmates is a true passion for Angi, saying “The transformation that takes place in these individuals over a 7 week period is nothing short of amazing! I am so blessed to witness their growth.”

Angi Covington Talks About 7 Course Meal For The Soul


“7 Course Meal for the Soul is the easiest to understand and the most inspirational book I’ve ever read. You will be a happier person and the world will be a better place once you read this book. Thank you for all you have done Angi and for all this book Angi Covingtonwill do.” -Scott Thomas, CEO, Dreams to Reality, Las Vegas, NV 

“The 7 Course Meal gave me the tools to understand the emotions I’ve felt for years. My thinking has been stagnant & now I can think more clearly. I can be happy, even when I face obstacles in life. I even sleep better.” - Inmate, name withheld, Serving in the Nevada Dept. of Corrections

“…This is a book to read over and over again. The message is as old as humankind, but Covington does a superb job of making it relevant in today’s spiritual environment. My copy’s dog-eared pages are both comforting and motivational.You’ll want to keep “7 Course Meal for the Soul” handy for daily inspiration!” - Courtney B., Human Resources Professional, Scottsdale, AZ

“This book is amazing and so much more my level than other teachings. It made me smile the whole while and see lights of understanding. I have passed it on to all my loved ones.” - Cyndi Souza, Spa Director, Las Vegas, NV

“I have a new way of looking at life and myself; a new fresh way of experiencing everything around me and a happiness that doesn’t come from what I have, but what’s within me.”-Inmate, name withheld, Serving in the Nevada Dept. of Corrections

“I signed up for a brain training series and was given the book 7 Course Meal for the Happiness By Art of AttunementSoul. I was just starting my path of ‘enlightenment’. Not only was the book an eye opener, but the author was a very knowledgeable & compassionate person who helped me make huge gains on my enlightenment path. Highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking meaning to life, and bringing order to their life instead of chaos.” -P.S. Carraher, Business Owner, Las Vegas, NV

“7 Course Meal for the Soul is more than a book. It is an inspiring and entertaining guide to living happily. Angi Covington’s refreshing approach truly nourishes my life.” – Aleia Schaum, CEO, Peak Brainwaves, Evergreen, Co

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Art of Attunement, in its use of Brainwave Optimization® does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure disease, diagnosis, mental illness, disorder or symptom. Brainwave Optimization® intends balanced and harmonized brainwave activity. While common experiences have been reported, it is important to note that results are completely individual.