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Brainwave Optimization® And What Is The Difference?

Difference in Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization® & Brain Balancing

With all the information that’s available today on how the brain functions, there are varying opinions regarding the “best” way to change brain performance. We believe the debates are healthy and that they’ll help us to continue to increase our understanding and ability to achieve optimal brain functioning, while positively affecting overall health, performance and our experience of this thing we call life.

Clearly, consumers have many choices and there is no single answer. However, wewill do our best to address some of the different elements here.  Please note that we believe the best way, and maybe the only true way, to really understand how this technology works is through first-hand experience.  Therefore, we encourage you to try it for yourself. 

With over 30,000 clients’ brain patterns, we have the largest database of relational brain functioning that’s available, so the following is based on scientific evidence and hard data.

We can share with a great deal of certainty that this modality is in opposition to a part of our current culture that is too quick to prescribe/take a pill to alter our Brain Training By Art of Attunementexperience. 

Repeatedly, articles and studies are uncovering the down side of this quick-fix “take a pill” approach, especially as it relates to addressing cognitive and behavioral functioning. Traditional Western medicine contends: chemistry is driving function. Conversely, we believe that function is driving chemistry and that functioning begins with the brain.

When asked how Brainwave Optimization® is unique, often a person is asking how our approach compares to neurofeedback or biofeedback. 

While neurofeedback has proven effective for some people and is also aimed at altering brainwaves, Brainwave Optimization® makes some dramatic departures.

The Brainwave Optimization® process begins by reading brainwave energy usingEEGtechnology. The brain’s energy data is converted to sound.  During a brain training session, those sounds being created by the brain are played to you throughBrainwave By Art of Attunement headphones, leading the brain to seek a balanced state of performance. Inneurofeedback, brain data is collected and sent to an interpretation center.There,the data is referenced and compared to brain activity that is considered “normal.”Then, protocols are played to force or push brain performance to matchthose pre-determined norms.

The brain changes more quickly and stays when it trains itself, than when an individual is asked to train their own brain. Results are quicker and last longer if the brain finds “its normal” versus being forced to match pre-determined “normal patterns”.

Using Brainwave Optimization®, we identify how and where trauma is affecting brainwave function. With this understanding, we can precisely target the areas, or lobes, of the brain which are in need of re-cailbration.

Although experiences are individual, neurofeedback can typically take 50-300 sessions or more to experience discernible results. With Brainwave Optimization®, clients have an initial assessment and commit to 7 sessions over a 4 to 7 day period. Clients typically report noticeable results by the third or fourth session. Neurofeedback may take 20 sessions or more, to see any positive change. For children, it may be challenging or nearly impossible to invest that much time before results appear.

Newtonian physics uses a 17th century idea that the world consists of objects that are solid and are attracted to each other by the force of gravity. Quantum physics contends the universe is a complex and dynamic web of interconnected energy patterns that are inseparable. “That which is observed is changed” is a quantum physics concept.  Using Brainwave Optimization®, the brain actually observes itself and naturally returns to balanced, harmonious functioning.

Most clients see results during the very first week.  However, some report continued improvements or new benefits for up to three months following their initial sessions. Depending on lifestyle and trauma recurrence, the results do appear to last.  We usually hear from clients requesting a tune-up session around the three to four year mark.


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