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What You Can Expect With Brainwave Optimization®?

Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization® & Brain Balancing Expectations

Before Your Assessment Appointment
You will receive an email with two surveys for you to complete prior to your initial visit. They will help us to be clear on your goals and expectations, so can observe Working with Art of Attunementand note your progress in those areas.

Assessment Appointment (90 minutes)
A brainwave assessment allows us to observe your individual brain patterns.  EEG Intellisensors® will be placed on your scalp, allowing us to collect data at seven locations.  We will gather data while the brain is at rest as you sit quietly with eyes closed and when the brain is on a task like reading. The data will be processed along with your surveys which will generate protocols intended to help you meet your goals.  We will discuss the assessment results, your goals and agree on your personalized brain training plan.

Sessions (2 Hours)
A brainwave technologist will guide you through six to eight protocols specifically for your brain patterns and desired results. The brainwave technologist will move the Intellisensors to various locations around the scalp. During a protocol, you will listen to musical tones played through headphones; tones that are a musical representation of your brain’s internal performance.  This is a very comfortable and relaxing experience for most; some notice a rumbling stomach, yawning, a twitch in Happiness By Art of Attunementthe eye or body or a tickle in the throat while listening to the tones.  Experiences really are unique for each individual.

What to Expect
Sessions are offered in a comfortable, private office that has a small desk and chair for the brainwave technologist, and a zero-gravity recliner for you. Some protocols are run while sitting up with eyes open. Others, you will recline and close your eyes. The ideal state is relaxed but awake. In a relaxed state, the brain receives and processes more easily. 

Experiences vary; people experience changes ranging from subtle to profound during the week of their sessions. Each day your technologist will ask about any changes you observe. This helps us understand how you are responding and helps us adjust protocols throughout the course of your brain balancing sessions.

We encourage our clients to journal their experiences throughout the process. Begin the first day of training and continue for two to three months after completing your sessions. Your journal entries will provide you a record of your views, insights, thoughts and emotions – providing you a record of how your state of mind changes as a result of this process.  We also encourage you to track changes that youWellbieng By Art of Attunement observe in your sleep, your body, your temperament and energy levels that may result from brain balancing.

After Brainwave Optimization®
After your last session your brainwave technologist review your progress from start to finish. You will be shown graphs illustrating your progress. You will also be givena CD for you to use at home to reinforce the process.

Generally, results are subtle initially then build over time. Often people notice significant changes two to three months after completing training. Again, results can be experienced uniquely for each individual. Whatever your experience, we encourage you to share it on our testimonials page.





Art Of Attunement


Art Of Attunement 702-210-3383