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Brainwave Optimization® FAQ By Art of Attunement

FAQ About EEG Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization® and Balancing

Brainwave Optimization® with Real Time Balancing® is a non-medical, non-invasive, holistic method during which imbalanced brainwave activity is identified and then re-calibrated to a more optimized state. Through the process you’ll see your brain’s ability to utilize the musical tones it creates to guide itself back to balance.

Art Of AttunementLee Gerdes, founder of Brain State Technologies® discovered that when a brain’s experiencing a state of homeostasis, many issues tend to fade or even disappear. In his book Limitless You, Lee shares more of what he’s discovered through his work optimizing brain activity.

Q: I’ve tried everything – medications and therapies, traditional as well as holistic, can this work for me?
Many people discover Brainwave Optimization® after spending years seeking other solutions to overcome physical, mental and emotional issues. The quick answer is yes, this revolutionary system is an effective solution for all sorts of issues where you may have tried other things. We believe when a brain’s experiencing homeostasis, many issues tend to fade or even disappear.

Q: How is this different from neurofeedback?
While neurofeedback has proven effective for some people and is also aimed at altering brainwaves, Brainwave Optimization® makes some dramatic departures. 

In simple terms, neurofeedback trains the person to change the brain. Brainwave Optimization® lets the brain take the lead, thus allowing it to change itself. The Brainwave Optimization® process begins by reading brainwave energy using EEG technology. The brain’s energy data is converted to sound.  During a brain training session, those sounds being created by the brain are played to you through headphones, leading the brain to seek a balanced state of performance. In neurofeedback, brain data is collected and sent to an interpretation center. There, the data is referenced and compared to brain activity that is considered “normal.” Then, protocols are played to force or push brain performance to match those pre-determined norms. Read more...

Q: Does it work?
Over 90 percent of our Brainwave Optimization® clients report an improvement in their quality of life. Over 80 percent report significant improvements in their lives, including attainment of the pre-established goals they had for brain training. 
To hear specific Brainwave Optimization® results and testimonials.

Q: What types of issues can be relieved with Brainwave Optimization®?Stress Relief By Art of Attunement
When it comes to Brainwave Optimization®, we have one goal in working with our clients:  to balance and harmonize brainwave activity.  When the brain begins to function in a balanced, harmonious fashion clients report feeling better, improved sleep, greater focus, a sense of clarity, improved physical and intellectual performance, and experience an increased sense of hope and happiness.

Since every brain is unique, each person responds uniquely.  Therefore, we can’t make guarantees regarding how you will respond or what specifically may change for you.

That being said, Brainwave Optimization® has offered positive results to people dealing with the following:

Q: Are there any age limits or requirements?
Brainwave Optimization® has helped people of all ages.  Since we need to ensure that the sensors can remain securely on the scalp, the individual should be able to sit or lay relatively still for approximately one hour.

Q: Will I be shocked?  Does it hurt?
No.  The sensors that are placed on your scalp are read only.  This means there is no input, stimulation or shock coming from them at all.  The “magic” happens in the process, not in the equipment. The brain responds to the musical tones it creates, using them as an audio reflection of its own behavior – much like we use a mirror.

Q: What happens in a Brainwave Optimization® session?
Sessions are offered in a comfortable, private office where a brainwave technologist will guide you through six to eight protocols specifically selected for your brain patterns and desired results. The brainwave tech will move the Intellisensors to various locations around the scalp. During a protocol, you will listen to musical tones played through headphones; tones that are a musical representation of your brain’s internal performance.  Some protocols are run while sitting up with eyes open. Others, you will recline and close your eyes. The ideal state is relaxed but awake. In a relaxed state, the brain receives and processes more easily.  Art Of Attunement

This is a very comfortable and relaxing experience for most; some notice a rumbling stomach, yawning, a twitch in the eye or body or a tickle in the throat while listening to the tones.  Experiences really are unique for each individual.

Q: How long does it take?  What am I committing to?
Initially, clients commit to an “intensive” – a series of 7 sessions conducted in a one week period, each lasting 2 hours. People with more extensive trauma history or those with chronic, severe or long-term issues may benefit from further sessions.  Your brainwave tech will keep you apprised of your progress & discuss any recommendations with you.

With a few modifications, most clients have no problems going about their normal work and social routine, during their brain training. However, some clients do elect to complete their “intensive” during vacation time.  This is based purely on personal preference and does not appear to have an effect on results.

Art Of AttunementQ: Are there any negative side effects?
We have yet to observe any truly negative side effects.  We have observed some effects that we would deem interesting, rather than negative.  Some people notice a rumbling stomach, yawning, a twitch in the eye or body or a tickle in the throat while listening to the tones.  On a few rare occasions, clients have mentioned a pain memory sensation for a few minutes during a protocol.  For example, a client who had sustained whiplash in an automobile accident mentioned some tightness in her neck that lasted four minutes during an eight minute protocol.  We believe this is the body discharging a response from the prior injury.

Q: Why can’t I drink during brain balancing?
It is not in your best interest to consume alcohol or use illegal drugs during Brainwave Optimization® or during the two weeks following your session, because these things slow the brain’s ability respond and adopt its newly balanced state. Since the goal is for you to reach optimized performance quickly and easily, we want to minimize anything that may hamper your progress.

Q: What about my medication?Art Of Attunement
If you are on medication of any kind, please be advised that it may influence the outcome of your training. If taking any medication "as-needed" you may want to consider using less during your brain training experience.  That being said, we have still seen wonderful results from people on various Please be sure to list any and all medications you are taking on the surveys you complete prior to your sessions.

Many medications affect mood, pain, concentration, energy levels and sleep. Since Brainwave Optimization® may facilitate improvements in these areas by helping the brain to better regulate itself, you may find you wish to stop taking some medications. Art of Attunement does not make any recommendations about medication, so please discuss all medication issues with your physician.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please Contact Us...


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