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The Process Of Brainwave Optimization®

The Process of EEG Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization and Balancing

Today so much is being written about the brain and how to utilize it to get the most out of life.  There are cd’s promising to promote health, wellness and happiness brainwaves.  There are brain games-games to improve everything from memory & mood.  The truth is that brain performance does affect us on many levels.  Balancing brain activity has shown symptomatic improvements in sleep, cognition, clarity, depression, focus, anxiety, compulsivity, pain, addictions and weight loss. 

So how is Brainwave Optimization different from cd’s and brain games?  The main difference is that your brain is in charge of the process with Brainwave Optimization, so it is customized for YOU and your brain.  When the brain is leading the way, the results seem to be more effective & last longer than other technologies.

The process of optimizing brainwaves is relatively simple, as your brain is doing most of the work while you sit back and relax.  


What makes our brain go out of balance?  When we experience physical and emotional traumas, our brain operates differently to navigate the traumatic experience.  After the trauma is over, often the brain does not return to a balanced state of operation.  In other words, many of us are left with what might be considered to be mild cases of past traumatic stress disorder.  Most of us consider trauma to be something very dramatic, like soldiers who have experienced the horrors of war.  But surgeries, falls, physical abuse and car accidents are all forms of physical trauma.  And losing a job, a home, a loved one or suffering a betrayal are emotional traumas that often leave us with symptoms.  So, while you may not be suffering from flashbacks & intense nightmares, you may be left other effects – the imbalanced state often leaves us with symptomatic consequences including sleep problems, mood issues, pain, carrying extra weight, performance issues and low motivation to name a few. Please see image above.

How it Works

The process begins on your first visit when a Brainwave Technologist will place EEG sensors on your scalp to read your current brain activity.  It’s 100% painless – no shock therapy here!  Our state of the art software identifies any imbalances and compiles that with your goals to develop a personalized optimization plan.  You will then participate in 7 sessions where the EEG sensors are placed on your head, again to read brainwaves.  But this time the software translates your brain activity into musical tones that you will listen to through headphones, while you relax in our zero gravity reclining chair.  The brain uses the musical tones much the same way we use a mirror.  It uses the musical reflection to calibrate itself and its activity.  Since the brain is the body’s control unit, when balance is restored, the consequences, or effects, of imbalances are often greatly improved.  In other words you feel better, sleep better and perform better, mentally and physically. Please see image above.  See our Testimonials page.

Before and After

Our version of a beautiful before and after picture.  The imbalance in red is obvious in the left screen shot with balance clearly restored on the right. Please see image above.

Please contact us to schedule your assessment today.  If you have any questions that have not been answered here or in our FAQ’s section please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to be of assistance.

You deserve to get the most from your life!  We can help.




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Art Of Attunement





Art Of Attunement 702-210-3383