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Art Of Attunement


Brainwave Optimization® Testimonials

EEG Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization® and Balancing Testimonials

“An absolute miracle in my life!  It helps replace trauma with light & possibility.” –Wynona Judd, who lost 55 pounds and got off 4 medications See Video

“I have never seen him so calm & focused in the octagon!” -Joe Rogan (speaking of a UFC fighter’s first pay-per-view bout following Brainwave Optimization®)

Art Of Attunement

  • “I call it a miracle! My girlfriend suffered from horrible anxiety for over forty years due to a single traumatic childhood experience.  To make a long story short, she lost her dream job and I was unable to get her out of bed for three weeks; forcing her to eat, bathe, etc.  Unsure what to do and just short of calling her parents to come get her, I met a woman named Angi Covington while out making sales calls for my business.   She told me what she does and I asked how it worked with anxiety.  She said it worked well and to bring my girlfriend in for a 20 minute sample session.  I went home, got her out of bed, dressed her and took her Angi’s office.  The change was immediate. On the way home she asked to go to a festival that evening (my head spun).  And the following day she wanted to go to a local pool.  We went to both and had a great time!  After 10 sessions, her anxiety is gone and the nighttime foot shaking for forty years has stopped too.  She is off her medications and lost 25 lbs without even trying.” -T.H., Las Vegas Business Owner
  • “It was as if there was a pause created between my impulse to do something and my action.  I approach things more rationally and not just act on my impulses.”      -L.A., Student, 20 yrs old


  • “Depression and mood swings have lost their hold on me, and now I feel confident my life is on track.”                                                                        -K.C., Project Manager, 41yrs old


  • “Results I have felt: clearer thinking, more patience, less anger, sleeping better, less compulsive overeating, more energy and more consistency in my golf swing.”  -S.S.K, D.C., Chiropractor, 54 yrs old


  • “Within my first 5 sessions I was able to beat my own 30 year best record!” – X.X., World-class Swimmer


  • “I was afraid of my own child and you helped him deflate his anger and gain control over his actions.  Incredible!”   -H.H, Office Manager, 38 yrs old


  • “Within 10 days I noticed a marked decrease in my anxiety level, plus I suddenly lost the ‘taste’ for smoking for the first time in 20 years.  What can I say but WOW!”  -K.P., Attorney, 37 yrs old


  • “I went for more clarity, focus & memory.  All these have improved along with a 7 point improvement in my I.Q.” –F.J., Accountant, 30 yrs. old


  • “Can you imagine not being late to every appointment, not speeding in rush hour traffic and not guzzling 6 cups of coffee a day?  Today I’m relaxed and in control of my time and my life.”  -J.S., Attorney, 43 yrs old


Art Of Attunement


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