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                 Human Consciousness Technology 7.0™

"If Art of Attunement can help men and women find happiness in prison, I am confident it can help you and your organization do the same."
– Retired Director Howard Skolnik, Nevada Department of Corrections"

“The evidence is clear: People perform better when they’re happier.”
–Teresa Amabile, a director of research at Harvard Business School in “Happiness Matters More Than You Think” Businessweek

Human Consciousness Technology 7.0™ (HuConTech 7.0 for short) has one goal: Help people find a more enjoyable experience of life in the 21st century. 

In this technology age, we are clear that upgrades are a necessary part of life.  Happiness By Art of AttunementNot only have upgrades become something we accept, we have come to expect them.  We upgrade our phones, our computers and their software.  We’ve upgraded our home and work environments.  We’ve upgraded our processes: the way we communicate and the way we do business.  All of these upgrades are intended to make our lives easier – to make us happy.  Yet, the result appears to be the opposite – our collective unhappiness.

The actual impact unhappiness and stress have on our society is immeasurable.  However, if you consider the following, unhappiness is costing us billions:

  • Lost wages
  • Addictions
  • Psychotropic, mood altering drugs (prescription and illegal)
  • Decreased productivity
  • Sleep meds
  • Medical costs  

Why are we so unhappy?  Despite all our efforts to upgrade technology, we expect ourselves to continue using an operating system that is thousands of years old.  It is time to upgrade our Human Technology.

HuConTech 7.0 offers a clear and simple seven point process to upgrade our humanHappiness By Art of Attunement consciousness technology.  Interestingly, directions to this upgrade have been repeated for centuries through the wisdom of ancient philosophers, spiritual leaders, visionaries and current day motivational speakers.  HuConTech 7.0 speaks to, and references them, all in one program.  It serves as an entertaining, step by step installation and training manual. 

The manual’s interactive format helps the participant APPLY the world’s foremost teachings about happiness, satisfaction, positive thinking, and gratefulness, so he/she can actually BE happy!

The Author
Angi Covington, a member of Mensa, has been a successful business professional inmany areas, including corporate training.  But her passion has always been to helppeople.  After writing the HuConTech 7.0 program in 2008, she spent 3 years volunteering in southern Nevada prisons to ensure the program’s concepts could be understood by varied educational levels and backgrounds.  The program offered such extraordinary results that Director Howard Skolnik of the Nevada Department of Corrections wrote the Foreword to her book. 

“The research on this topic is quite clear: Your workforce’s wellbeing directly affects your organization’s bottom line.” – Gallup

Art Of Attunement


HuConTech 7.0 - Testimonials

From 2008-2011 Art of Attunements' Angi Covington volunteered in Southern Nevada prisons sharing the Human Consciousness Technology 7.0 concepts.

The following are comments from the inmate course completion surveys:

  • “Since this class, I keep overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles in order to achieve any goals that I have set.”
  • “If more inmates attended, I believe it could virtually eliminate substance abuse & violence in the prison system.”
  • “Ms. Covington is awesome and needed in our society and moreover this institution.  Thank you beyond words!!!”
  • “This program should be mandated for every inmate before release.  It is a wonderful, enlightening experience which really changes a person for the better.”
  • “I found peace here, in this class, and I know everything's okay.”
  • “I started to feel free of a lot of madness and hate.  I'm more happy, feel better and wish the class wasn’t over.”
  • “We need this, we enjoy & appreciate it.  Thank you.”
  • “This helped me immensely & should be offered more often.  This is a positive change that could spread thru to others here.”
  • “It might sound weird but I'm learning to accept myself for who I am & it's helping me to accept others for who they are.”
  • “I have a new way of looking at life and myself; a new fresh way of experiencing everything around me and a happiness that doesn’t come from what I have, but what’s within me.”   
  • “Anyone who takes this class grows in a positive way, whether they want to or not.”



Art Of Attunement

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Art of Attunement, in its use of Brainwave Optimization® does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure disease, diagnosis, mental illness, disorder or symptom. Brainwave Optimization® intends balanced and harmonized brainwave activity. While common experiences have been reported, it is important to note that results are completely individual.