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Brainwave Optimization® Testimonials

EEG Brain Training, Brainwave Optimization® and Balancing Testimonials

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"An absolute miracle in my life! It helps replace trauma with light & possibility.” –Wynona Judd, who lost 55 pounds and got off 4 medications See Video
Wynona Judd - Nashville Tennessee
"I have never seen him so calm & focused in the octagon!” -Joe Rogan (speaking of a UFC fighter’s first pay-per-view bout following Brainwave Optimization®)
Joe Rogan - Las Vegas, Nevada
"I used to get frequent stress induced migraines due to my job. Brain training sessions greatly reduced then eventually eliminated my migraines. I am so thankful for discovering this healthcare option after seeing a neurologist for years and being prescribed medications and shots to the neck." -G.G.
G.G. - Las Vegas, NV


"It was as if there was a pause created between my impulse to do something and my action. I approach things more rationally and not just act on my impulses.”
Student, age 20 - Los Angeles, CA


“Depression and mood swings have lost their hold on me, and now I feel confident my life is on track.”
Project Manager, age 41 - Kansas City, MO


"Results I have felt: clearer thinking, more patience, less anger, sleeping better, less compulsive overeating, more energy and more consistency in my golf swing.”
Chiropractor, age 54 - S.S.K, D.C.
"Within my first 5 sessions I was able to beat my own 30 year best record!”
X.X., World-Class Swimmer - California
“I was afraid of my own child and you helped him deflate his anger and gain control over his actions. Incredible!”
Office Manager, age 38 - Las Vegas, Nevada
“Within 10 days I noticed a marked decrease in my anxiety level, plus I suddenly lost the ‘taste’ for smoking for the first time in 20 years. What can I say but WOW!”
K.P., Attorney, age 37 - Las Vegas, Nevada


“I went for more clarity, focus & memory. All these have improved along with a 7 point improvement in my I.Q.”
F.J., Accountant, age 30 - Las Vegas, Nevada
“Can you imagine not being late to every appointment, not speeding in rush hour traffic and not guzzling 6 cups of coffee a day? Today I’m relaxed and in control of my time and my life.”
-J.S., Attorney, age 43 - Los Angeles, CA
"My experience at Art of Attunement is one of those rare life changing events. I had a chronic back pain which I had already realized to be the symptom of my repeated & various traumas. I had tried to resolve it using other forms of therapy and did not get a lasting solution. I also had lots of accompanying relationship and physical problems.
During my 1st visit Angi was very engaging; so eager to find out how she may help me. I said to myself 'such a good marketer'. But that description did not live long. Now I say to myself 'what a wonderful person'. She knows the technology so well and there was not a question she did not answer satisfactorily. She was so clear in describing what she does and how she may help me. I decided to give it a try.
After a few days of brain training I started feeling relaxed and calm. The back pain and other symptoms were still there. But Angi was so good at letting me know what may happen in advance, even some of the things I felt as side effects did not bother me.
At the end of the training, I was not free of the symptoms, but felt very good. Most importantly, I was so happy with the whole of the experience at Art of Attunement and kept using the advices Angi gave me.
The most dramatic event happened about two weeks after the end of the training. The back pain melted away. It just started feeling like some cold relaxing fluid has been poured over the area that was stiff and painful. Now it has been more than a month and the pain did not return.
By this I am not saying brain training will cure everyone of any pain, but as far as I am concerned this is the best thing (after having looked for a solution for years) I did for my chronic pain and would advise anyone in my family to get it with Angi.
WS.A., 41 yrs, IT Manager, - Covina, CA
“I call it a miracle! My girlfriend suffered from horrible anxiety, depression and PTSD for over forty years due to some traumatic experiences in her childhood. Then, in April she was betrayed by her business partner and it triggered her in a devastating way. I was unable to get her out of bed for over three weeks; forcing her to eat & bathe. Unsure of what to do and just short of calling her parents to come care for her, I met a woman named Angi Covington while out making sales calls for my business. When she told me what she did, I asked how it worked with anxiety and depression. She said it worked wonders and to bring her in for a 20 minute sample session. So I went home, got her out of bed, dressed her and brought her back to Angi’s office. After the session was over the change was dramatic and immediate. On the way home she asked if we could go to the San Gennaro festival. My head spun around! And the following day she wanted to go to a local pool and relax in the sun. We did both and had a great time! After 10 sessions of brain balancing with Angi, her PTSD, anxiety and depression are gone. Her nighttime foot shaking before falling asleep that has gone on for forty years, has even stopped too. She is off her medications and lost 25 lbs without even trying. She recently landed a job that she loves. TRULY AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANGI FOR GIVING ME MY GIRLFRIEND BACK AND IN AN UPGRADED CONDITION!!!” -T.H., Las Vegas Business Owner
Thomas H. - Las Vegas, Nevada

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Art of Attunement, in its use of Brainwave Optimization® does not treat, diagnose, heal or cure disease, diagnosis, mental illness, disorder or symptom. Brainwave Optimization® intends balanced and harmonized brainwave activity. While common experiences have been reported, it is important to note that results are completely individual.